Cwitch Hello thekingmango Based on a review of your activity or content we have issued a Community Guidelines strike on your account As a result your access to Twitch services is restricted Reason Engaging in hateful conduct against a person or group of people Read Twitch's Community Guidelines to learn more Where the Violation Occurred On stream or VOD Content related to this violation may be removed Suspension Length 30 days longer suspension Trying to get around this restriction can result in a and may lead us to reject any suspension appeals you might submit NOTE Due to your suspension of 30 days or longer any subscriptions you may have will not renew To make changes to your subscriptions while suspended please contact us Learn more about account suspensions and the appeals process Sincerely Twitch Staff Twitch is mass banning people and im pretty positive i didnt do anything and twitch wont tell me why banned yesterday was streaming every day this year and didnt miss 1 day 202 consecutive streams wasted Meme

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