Cx xtra novirgin olive o Did-Diet cote Cupu might hue slicoes Fat Frze Bonmust be tonse its anes item Por Gluntentree wheas Chex cereal mellow chees notorgeni Basket Seedless Straubemies TeteA Ka Search 16 mins This lady just pranked her husband and it was hilarious I work at a grocery store and this man in his 70s comes up to me with the most lost expression on his face He tells me his wife sent him shopping and he has no clue where anything is and could I possibly go through the list with him Sure no problem I take a look at the list Un-sour sour cream Non Fat bacon Extra diet coke It had some real product sprinkled in but I tell him that some of these items don't exist He starts to panic and calls his wife She just starts cackling on the phone and asks did you really just ask the clerk for that???? Comment My mother prakend my step dad for April fools and the kid at the store Facebooked about it! She gave him a ridiculous shopping list He paid the kid 10 dollars to help him find the items Meme

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