d'A Today in History Pope Urban II called for all able-bodied Christian to retake Jerusalem from the Muslims who were in constant war against the Byzantine empire They also permitted gangs of thieves and murderers to attack the Christian's who made pilgrimages to the Holy Land I was going to post a History link to this but unfortunately it was the typical fairytale nonsense about how the Pope just decided one day to call a series of bloody wars for no reason Look here's the deal people By this time Spain was already conquered by Muslims alright The entirely of Spain was already under Muslim control for 300 years and they maintained control for another 400 years after that Muslims by this point have sacked and conquered 3 MAJOR Christian sites When they say retake Jerusalem what the do people think this means? RETAKE It was THEIRS prior to 638 AD Persians captured Antioch the cradle of Christianity and it fell to Muslims afterwards Alexandria was also conquered THESE THREE ATTACKS WERE ALL WITHIN 50 YEARS OF ONE ANOTHER All the while the Byzantine Empire have been fighting off Muslims until of course we all know how this ended with their capitol city Constantinople being renamed Instanbul and the crowning achievement to Christian society the Hagia Sofia Now a Mosque I don't want to hear that the Crusades were merely Christian savagery looking for a reason to kill people and acquire land THE CHRISTIANS WERE REACTIONARY THEY WERE PERSECUTED ATTACKED CONQUERED RAPED ENSLAVED If you were LUCKY enough to be spared your life you were forced to pay a tax until you converted to Islam THIS IS WHY THE CRUSADES WERE CALLED Not where the Pope woke up and decided Yeah great time to send able-bodied Christians to DIE for no reason Meme

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