Dad appreciation thread >be me >have a great relationship with my dad family is pretty tight on money recently 8 KB JPG >dad comes into my room and we talk for a little bit normally have home cooked dinner every night so I ask what we're having dad says he doesn't know >i'm disappointed but not very shocked because its happened before >dad leaves room stry to sleep but too hungry >15 minutes later dad calls me downstairs sopen my door and smell food >walk downstairs and see leftover macaroni casserole with a fried bologna sandwich on the table >you really know how to make me not feel poor >dad laughs and I turn on the TV and we watch parks and rec until i'm done >dad eats crackers with dip for dinner >feels bad manwave >cant make him anything because we don't have anything to make >give my dad a 3 minute hug let go as soon as sperg character from the TV says moments over! swe laugh and I go back upstairs to sleep >l love my dad <p>Father appreciation via rwholesomememes <a href=httpsifttt2t69D4O>httpsifttt2t69D4O<a><p> Meme

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