Dad last seen today at 1702 Your mother and I won't be in when you get home We're going to a funeral in Dublin We'll be away for a few days There's some quiche in the fridge 1617 House to myself?! YES 1619 No karate in the house 1620 What?? WHY?? THATS SO UNFAIR Please lift the karate ban 1621 No Promise me there'll be no karate 1629 Okay 1634 Hey my parents are away for a few days so I'm holding a HUGE karate tournament in the house Starts tomorrow at 307pm It'll be amazing! Tell everyone! 42 Michael did you mean to send this to someone else? 1644 Michael?? 1645 Cancel that karate tournament NOW 6 Sorry Dad My phone was hacked There's no karate tournament tomorrow at 307pm 1652 There better not be 1654 Hey quick update I almost got caught but I think I covered it up Karate tournament is still on Tell everyone 1656 This is still me 1657 Sorry was hacked again 1701 Meme

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