DAILY NEWS VIDEO NY Daily News Video @NYDNVideo Follow The cop that killed this 6-year-old little boy is claiming 'self-defense' #JeremvMardis DAILY NEws NEWS BITES RETWEETS LIKES 41172215 Øcho @ochoBoomin Follow #BlackLivesMatter g don't see All Lives Matter rallying for you This is ridiculous ot vou Lil bro because l NY Daily News Video @NYDNVideo The cop that killed this 6-year-old little boy is claiming 'self defense' #JeremyMardis youtubef3UhWy81WBk RETWEETS LIKES 1414513277 whimsysgeekery genericdubstep daughterofthestars08 bellaxiao Self-defense? He’s 6 years old ffs…I can’t More infuriating info The boy is autistic The boy and his father were in a truck The father stopped the vehicle and raised his arms to show he was unarmed ONE OF THE ARRESTED OFFICERS WAS ACTIVELY STALKING THE FATHER’S FIANCE They are trying to claim self defense AND claim they didn’t know there was a child in the truck They fired “no less than 18 rounds” into the truck The father was hit but still alive The boy ended up being shot in the head multiple times There is bodycam footage of the incident and every officiallawyer that has seen and spoken on it has called it horrific 50% of all police violence victims are autistic or mentally ill If an autistic person starts screaming or can’t look a cop in the eyes they use that as an excuse to shoot I hope Black Lives Matter starts talking about that too Police violence hurts the mentally ill a lot and of course that also means black autistic mentally ill kids are getting hurt and killed Ableism is deadly I agree with the sentiments above I just want to give an update here since Tumblr doesn’t do timestamps The shooting was in 2015 Stafford was found guilty of manslaughter and is serving 40 years Greenhouse pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and malfeasance in office and is serving 7 years total Not enough but at least there was some semblance of justice done Fucking hell Meme

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