DALLAS MAYOR SLAMS TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICAN CONGRESS AFTER TODAY'S SANTA FE SCHOOL SHOOTING History will not look kindly upon those elected officials who failed to act in the face of repeated mass murders of our children Spare us your thoughts and prayers and do your jobs - Mike Rawlings DEMOCRATS Wayne Merkel It's illegal to bring a firearm onto school grounds It's illegal to saw the barrel off a shotgun It's illegal for a 17 year old to posses a gun It's illegal to carry without a permit in Texas It's illegal to discharge a weapon in public It's illegal to bring ammo on school grounds It's illegal to shoot and injure people It's illegal to assault someone It's illegal to violate someone's civil rights It's illegal to shoot and murder people It's illegal to conceal your weapon without a permit But yeah we just need one more law That'll do it GC Meme

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