Dan Bongino @dbongino 1d NONE of the Firemen I know are supporting Joe Biden for President Brian Kilmeade akilmeade 1d The largest firefighters union in America formally endorses Joe Biden as a Democrat candidate for 2020 President Harold Schaitberger explains why on @FoxandFriends Fire Fig ARD HAROLD SCHAITBERGER I PRESIDENT IAFF FOX FIREFIGHTERS UNION EXPECTED TO ENDORSE JOE BIDEN NEWS channel LATOR SESSIONS AND DEMONSTRATIONS OF OTHER COCKPIT EMERGENCIESUNION PILOTS FOR SO 2519 5440 16Ko th Donald J Trump heeft geretweet Fuck Donald Trump @glamourizes Als antwoord op @dbongino My husband a New York City firefighter for 15 years will be voting Trump 2020 all the way!! Changing his name and profile picture after Donald trump retweeted his tweet Absolute madlad Meme

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