DANGERS IN THE GARDEN oganic substance can be toxic to Pels Blood Meal Bone Meal Compost Cocoa Mulch Even organic substance can be toxic just because a product is organic doesn't mean it's not dangerous to pets Check to see if your fertilizers and soils are pet friendly before use! Paisonous sping flowes tΖ‘ keep away from pet BRIEF LIST OF FLOWERS Calla tily Cape Jasmine Carnations Azalea Birds of paradise Tulips Daffodils Iris Oleander Barbados Aloe Narcissus Wisteria Lilies Sago Palms Begonias Buttercups Hyacinths For more information on toxic flowers go to wwwaspcaorg Dangerous Herbs Vegetables & Edible Plants Chamomile Chives Garlic Marijvana Onions& Shalots Rhubarb Tomatoes plants Leeks Hops Metaldehyde and iron-base snail bait can be extremely toxic or even deadly to pets Signs of poisoning may include drooling vomitinq diarrhea muscle tremors and death Even insecticides and herbicides weed killers can cause harm if nof used correcfly πŸŒπŸ›Have a happy and safe garden for you and your pets this spring!πŸ›πŸŒ Meme

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