Daniel Richmond Tigers Supporter Group Conversation starter 4 hrs Morning all Thought I'd share a story with you Last night I was in the reject shop here where I am in my tigers stuff There was this guy with roughly 3 teeth that had gaps in them bigger than the Grand Canyon! Him Good to see the tigers supporters coming out of hiding Me I haven't come out of hiding Let me guess which team you barrack for? Him Who do you reckon? Me I said it has to be Collingwood as your teeth tell me that Now behind him is his misses in stitches laughing He wasn't overly happy with this I saw him later on again and he wouldn't look at me Now mind you she had probably twice the amount of teeth but was laughing that hard haha As I was walking out one of the employees gave me a high 5 and was laughing that much down an aisle she was crying That's my good deed done for the weekend Go tigers!!! Happy AFL Grand Final Day Australians Meme

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