Darrel So I'm on the 603 bus right? I'm in the very back seat left hand corner playing Pokémon On the next stop we pick up this tall black guy All tatted up snap back sagging jeans black tee that says ℉uck Tha Police And Damn this fool is JACKED So he decides to sit next to me OF COURSE LETS SIT NEXT TO DARREL! So he sits there awkwardly glancing every now and again at my 3DS and I'm here thinking He better not jack my DS So after 5 minutes of silence he speaks up Yo dawg So I look up Yeah whats up? Silence as he stares into my soul AWKWARD And then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a Red Pokémon 3DS XL and opens it You got a Skitty? I been tryin' to get one of dem mothafuckas Shits cute I wanna play wid in Amie HOW HARD I WANTED TOLAUGH So I traded him a Skitty and he gave me an Eevee Thanks lil nigga None of my otha niggas know I play So my stop came and he did this weird ass handshake and told me to Keep it realI got off the bus and just Died The laughter LMAO Pokémon Bringing the world doser together since 1996 LOL I'm going to belarus tomorrow and idk if I'll have wifi there Meme

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