dating and new friends My self-summary Goodness this site teaches me so much Like being called inappropriate for telling someone happy birthday when I noticed her age changed overnight Honestly millennials self- combination of the internet and your involvement has really rendered you socially inept Sometimes people are trying to be kind Let them I really can't believe how many people actually take the time to email just to tell someone they don't care for his approach Or his leg photo All it will get you is a retort that realize how foolish it was to bring makes you a knife to a gunfight Hell some of you can't muster a knife More like bringing a kazoo to a gunfight do well the the ladies advertising their Instagram saucy pic selections They love me As noted in my photos I seem not to connect with vaguely bovine lesbians of color Maybe that's redundant Just a corn-fed acid-accented silver-tongued devil fending off rocks thrown at his heart of glass I've been on exactly nine hours and have made remarkable discoveries about myself First I don't really cotton to unsolicited advice and profile assessments If social media has made think your opinion you carries weight with someone who didn't ask for it you're mistaken Also l'm all for self awareness but if it takes more than a drink to explain your non-binary gender non-conforming cis-thwarting rules of attraction the rules of your genitals confound me Flirting need not involve an essay question Strictly short answer Like I could probably beat you at Verbal cage fighting My mind is a frickin octagon all its own Also I can make a passable dinner from random cupboard ingredients Like X A man defending his ‘heart of glass’ from rocks while also calling women he finds unattractive ‘bovine’ So much to unpack here Plus he’s 38 trying to sell this profile to a 25 year old Nah Meme

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