DaveEast responds to his baby mother, who says she hasn't seen her daughter in a week

dave east Guess une ng lo O These ays is Put Your Business On Instagram So For All Those Asking Kairi Chanel Brewster Was Born March 9 2016 Her Mother Milagrito Colon Has Never Purchased Enfamil Diapers Any Hospital Costs Etc In Kairis Entire Life I Took Care Of Her And Her Son For 2 Years She Had No Type Of INCOME And I Allowed lt Because She Was My Daughters Mom Yesterday She Brought 10 Police Officers To My Home Where Live Telling Them I Kidnapped My Own Child She Dropped Her Son Off To Her Other Baby Father And Called My Mom To Come Get Kairi I Guess She Wanted To Hang Out With No Kids She Tells The Police l'm On Drugs I'm A Gangmember And That My Father Is On Drugs The Police Just Needed Verification That Kairi Lives With Her Father She Has Lived With Me From The Day She Was Born The Police Then Told Me Sorry For Bothering My Family And Asked Her To Vacate The Premises She Isn't A Suitable Mother Don't Care How Many Instagram Fans She Got Now People Only Know She Exist Cause I Had A Baby With Her Wanna Thank The NJ Police For Realizing What Was Real She Needs To Get A Job And A Place To Live Before Crying On IG Me And Kairi Are More Than Great DaveEast responds to his baby mother who says she hasn't seen her daughter in a week Meme

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