David McKee Smith June 1 at 740pm This is why Hawking is on my heroes list And his quote is ninth grade English at best STEPHEN HAWKING ANGERS TRUMP SUPPORTERS WITH BAFFLING ARRAY OF LONG WORDS Qpe LONDON The Borowitz Report The theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking angered supporters of Donald J Trump on Monday by responding to a question about the billionaire with a baffling array of long words Speaking to a television interviewer in London Hawking called Trump a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominatora statement that many Trump supporters believed was intentionally designed to confuse them Moments after Hawking made the remark Google reported a sharp increase in searches for the terms demagogue denominator and Stephen Hawking For a so-called genius this was an epic failTrump's campaign manager Corey Lewandowski said If Professor Hawking wants to do some damage maybe he should try talking in English next time Later in the day Hawking attempted to clarify his remark about the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee telling a reporter Trump bad man Real bad man catch-a-ride whitebeltwriter awed-frog Do I need to say something? Nah he knewhe knew exactly what he was doing Sorry guys this is satire I wish it was real too Meme

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