David's eyes are looking down his expression still - like he's listening He continues into the dead center of the tunnel He's in the heaviest part of the movement now Fans continue to brush against him as they pass And then it happens A stocky woman bumps into him FLASH CUT AN IMAGE OF THE STOCKY WOMAN IN A BATHROBE STANDING IN A KITCHEN SHE S HOLDING THE SHOULDER OF A FIVE YEAR OLD BOY STANDING NEXT TO HER HE'S CRYING UNCONTROLLABLY THEY BOTH ARE LOOKING DOWN AT THE KITCHEN TABLE WHERE THREE THINGS ARE LAID OUT A BELT A HANGER AND AN EXTENSION CORD STOCKY WOMAN Choose SLAM CUT BACK TO PRESENT We're back with David in the crowd He turns and watches the stocky woman walk down the tunnel She's holding the wrist of her five year old son She yanks it quickly and violently to keep the boy close at her side She and the boy dissolve into the crowd Meme

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