DaY7 The fist time I saw a therapist it was with awhite woman And winle I wouldve liked to se a person of color I gux it a shot soon beame clear that whle she could connect with me on woman issues THERE ARE SO MANY UNFAIR EXPECTATIONS PLACED ON YOUNG WOMEN topics relatina to race or racism mode her uncomfortable IT SEEMS ץ0Ú FIND YOURSELF FUNDAMENTALLY UNLOVEABLE WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS? Uh well I believe t moy partially be due to the fact that arowing up I never saw muself represented in media therefore ound that my appearance is essential that my appcarance is essential unwanted und NO THAT CANT BE IT Know there were right or wrong answer with this I also didnt know Tthat she somenow knew more about m experiences than Idid Each meeting I aitenpted to brina vD mu racial identitų she would change the topic or refvte me everytime After 3 sessions Meme

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