Days 1 -10 Teach yourself variables con- stants arrays strings expres- sions statements functions Days 11-21 Teach yourself program flow pointers references classes objects inheritance polymor phism Days 22-697 Do a lot of recreational program- ming Have fun hacking but re- member to learn from your mis- takes Days 698 3648 Interact with other programmers Work on programming projects together Learn from them Days 3649 -7781 Teach yourself advanced theoret- ical physics and formulate a con sistent theory of quantum grav- ity Days 7782 14611 Teach yourself biochemistry molecular biology genetics Day 14611 Use knowledge of biology to make an age-reversing potion Day 14611 Use knowledge of physics to build flux capacitor and go back in time to day 21 Day 21 Replace younger self XxY6x PLUX conesioN As far as I know this is the easiest way to Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days How to learn C++ in only 21 days Meme

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