DC 10 NO USE ALASHYOU'LL NEVER FINDTHE REAL ME IN TIME THE FLASH FLASH! HELP ME! THE HAWKMAN I'M COMINGo IM COMING WY THUNDER 1940s501960s THE WHIP PUED PIPER CAPTAIN roLD HEAT- m1980s WE DEFY YOu TO LLED THE@historyoftheflash 1990s? 2000s 2010S The Flash through the decades! The 1940’s saw the first appearance of Jay Garrick in the golden age of comics The 1950’s saw the first appearance of Barry Allen and the kick off of the silver age of comics The 1960’s saw Jay and Barry meet and the multiverse was established The 1970’s uhhhh well yeah they happened The 1980’s saw the death of Barry Allen and the start of Wally West as the Flash The 1990’s saw the birth of a Flash family and first appearance of Bart Allen The 2000’s saw Bart first appear as the Flash Bart die as the Flash Barry Return and Bart Return The 2010’s saw the majority of the Flash family disappear Now Wally West and Bart Allen have returned but Wally is dead yet again Oh comics Gotta love em 🚨Podcast link in bio! 🚨 eobardthawne reverseflash hunterzolomon zoom professorzoom barryallen theflash flash jaygarrick wallywest bartallen speedforce kidflash harrisonwells ciscoramon justiceleague batman superman wonderwoman aquaman greenlantern iriswest scarletspeedster rebirth new52 comics comicbooks Meme

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