DCEU Man of Steel Batman v Superman Suicide Squad Wonder Woman @WONDERAUGHNJustice League Aquaman DG COMICS SHARED UNIVERSES JL Son of Batman JLThrone of Atlantis Batman vs Robin Batman Bad Blood JL vs Teen Titans JL Dark TT Judas Contract @WONDERVAUGHN DCAU-N52 A WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES! DC's shared film and animated universes @gal_gadot @benaffleck ezramiller *** DC Comics STARTED the concept of a shared universe with Batman The Animated Series in 1992 It was followed by Superman The Animated Series several animated films included Batman Mask of the Phantasm and various web series were also introduced This shared universe ended with Justice League Unlimited in 2006 *** DCTV on CW is also a connected shared universe which includes hit shows such as Arrow The Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow and the upcoming Black Lightning *** unitetheleague benaffleck brucewayne galgadot dianaprince jasonmomoa arthurcurry ezramiller barryallen rayfisher victorstone henrycavill clarkkent manofsteel thedarkknight Meme

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