deansmixtape Dean starting to get jealous of Sam's attachment to Jack is giving me flashbacks to the time they acquired a new brother Adam Well I mean Dean is the one with the attachment to Jack now isn’t he? 🙃 Ngl I’m a bit miffed that Sam and Jack have drifted slightly At the start when Dean wanted him dead Sam stood in his corner and took care of him They had a connection because Sam also had powers that he didn’t know how to fully control when he was younger Sam has always had Jack’s back and yet he seems to lean more towards Dean and Cas I feel as though Sam is a bit left out Idk maybe it’s just me It’s just the way it looks to me but if you think otherwise then that’s fine It’s a controversial topic so obviously people’s opinions are going to differ on this - spn spncw spnfans spnfan spnfamily spnfandom supernatural supernaturalcw supernaturalfans supernaturalfan supernaturalfamily supernaturalfandom destiel destielforever j2 brothers winchester akf yana lyf jaredpadalecki littlebrother samwinchester moose jarpad alexandercalvert nephilim jackkline Meme

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