Dear Mr Sean and Kirkman Sean was put first for once I'm stepping aside from talking about the main comics and going back to The Walking Dead The Alien what's going on with the whole story? We know the fate about Rick's little brother but what about the girl? Claudia isn't it? Will there be a spin off story about her? Or will she ever appear in the main story because we as fans NEED to know if she's able to get the message back to Richie Thank you Brandon T Toronto Canada As soon BKV wants to tell that story we'd be delighted to have him tell it They Huge thanks to @thecomicbookkid for showing me this my QUESTION to Robert Kirkman and Sean made it to the back of The Walking Dead issue 166 comic book! That's dope! @thewalkingdead walkingdead twd thewalkingdead Meme

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