Dear On the 20dh of October 2017 you applied for a senior developer positon involving the following technologies Python3 Flask MySQL and Erlang During the interview it beca developer level let alone an experienced engineer of distributed systems as your application claimed me immediately obvious that you were unfamiliar with Erlang even at a junior As a result interview is remitted in full Please see below for the costs incurred s requesting the time consumed by your Time allotted Hourly Rate Head developer Head of HR Rebekah owner Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours $55 Ss0 $100 S110 $200 $410 Please pay the above cost to the following account before the 20th of November 2017 If the amount due is not repaid by the date specified the issue will be taken to VCAr as a matter of principle rather than cost Thank you Found this on rtrashy thought you all might like it Meme

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