Dec 26 Dec 26 Replying to One of your biggest mistakes is still thinking any of what's happening to you is due to what you did that one time It isn't It's ongoing It's the way you talk to people everywhere at all times It's the way you treat absolutely everyone like you want something from them You joined a private world for a party that I was hosting from a discord that I own that was full of people who aren't comfortable with you I kicked you because you people didn't want you there for reasons that are entirely your own fault I don't owe you a goddamn thing Lately I've been going through mood swings due to losing friends for what I caused in October and Early November I won't get into it but if I ever become depressed it's because no one has forgotten about what has happened I just want my friends back Dec 26 Dec 26 You do it on vrc You do it here on Twitter Almost all of your replies are begging people for sex or begging to rp You aggressively beg people for sex in vrc You ask everyone to let you dm you I've seen you bring up sexual shit in totally SFW streams It's everywhere you go Your own fucking arrogance and inability to recognize that YOU and only you are responsible for your behavior that has absolutely fucked you over and made you a notorious creep Until you figure that out and start listening and correcting your behavior it won't ever get better 114 AM Dec 26 2019 Twitter Web App 3 Likes · Dec 26 Dec 26 you're amusing & so wrong You need to grow up I physically need to grow up You mentally need to grow up I've grown up l've made mistakes You need to grow fucking balls BADLY and tell everyone around you to grow some as well I've resolved mine It's time to resolve yours You get banned from discords because of the way you behave in them not because of that one incident You get blocked because of the way you talk to people And that fucking thing you did to vrfat just tops it off to the point where nobody wants anything to do with you Dec 26 And I want to be back in discords that I was banned from and unblocked ♡ 1 1 everywhere Call me what you want but disgusting inconceivable dim whitted scum or any other word for trash of the earth Should not be one of them Humans make mistakes This was just a mistake Dec 26 The best advice I can give you is just talk to people like people Don't ask them for anything And do not EVER ask another person anywhere for RP or for sex again until you have already matured and grown and found people who ALREADY enjoy your company and show an interest Dec 26 That people need to stop coming up to me and just see my name and either run away ignore me block me or ban me just want this all to end I know what I have to do change i but he already said no thank you to Dec 26 when I tried it m You're 18 You don't fucking need to get laid It's not important Fix your life first make connections let it happen naturally You're trying to force it and that is driving people away I didn't lose my virginity until I was 24 Stop Dec 26 worrying about it People can't refuse money yes they can just understand they ca I'm going to stop For now if it comes back up then I don't know what I will do at all leave the Fandom and focus on life or stay and be at risk for more hate or a third option that hasn't made itself known Dec 26 Dude you have no idea of what happened and by the way if you're telling me to grow up Yeah I do But you do as well If I join a world in vrc wit hub you in it And you vote kick me That's a coward move Grow some balls next time Confront it and not run away The brat that never learns Go from left to right Meme

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