December 10 2018 Dear Mr Miranda Hi My name is Frances Jansen and I'm eleven years old I share your birthday! One time I got to go backstage after a performance of Hamilton and I gave one of the actors a homemade candle to give to you I hope you got it and I hope that you enjoyed it This year on January 16th when I celebrate my twelfth birthday I'm also going to be thinking of you and your amazing play Hamilton Speaking of enjoying I love Hamilton so much I practically know every song by heart Some people say the show loses its magic after you've seen Hamilton but after seeing it I just fell in love with it even more I think you are an amazing actor too and speaking of acting I want to be an actress when I grow up My dream part is Eliza because the song Burn gets me every time I have the book of Hamilton and I've read through it many times I love that you use certain words for certain reasons including having double meanings like in the song Yorkstown The World Turned Upside-Down When Washington says Not yet he is also saying to the African-American soldiers that they do not have their freedom yet I have a few questions for you First what was your first acting job and how old were you at the time? Second where do you get your ideas for all of your music? And last what do you think is the next step for you? Finally I'd like to say again I hope you have a great birthday and I'll be thinking of you on that day Yours truly Frances Jansen Hi Frances! 1 Conrad Birdie 6th grade play! I was 12 2 All from different places but I really examine the situation I’m writing for and look for the pulse tempo and feel of that moment 3 Keep writing keep acting keep getting better Thanks for your letter! httpstcoSmAcDbOAKW Meme

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