DEFEATED Last ISIS stronghold falls Unbiased America BREAKING NEWS THE LAST ISIS TERRITORY HAS FALLEN by Kevin Ryan The last territory held by ISIS has fallen The Syrian village of Baghuz on the border with Iraq was the site of today’s last stand for the once feared caliphate US-backed SDF forces attacking from three sides pushing the remaining ISIS fighters up against the Euphrates River And then the fighting ended Reporters say the bombing and gunfire stopped as the majority of the holdouts finally surrendered They will join the thousands now being held in camps The SDF is planning to set up a tribunal to prosecute them At its peak in 2015 ISIL covered an area across Syria and Iraq the size of the UK US President Donald Trump made it one of his central campaign promises to destroy the group and quickly ramped up efforts to do so once in office By March of this year the armed group had lost nearly 100% of its land according to Conflict Monitor by IHS Markit a security and defence observer Most involved credit the US effort with hastening ISIS’s demise Yet the fall of Baghuz will likely not mark the end of ISIS as a force in the region analysts say Although ISIS no longer holds territory many of its leaders and fighters are now in hiding According to Joshua Landis director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma hit-and-run attacks executed by ISIS sleeper cells will likely persist in both Iraq and Syria But that’s a far cry from the days when millions lived under the sadistic rule of the caliphate SOURCES httpswwwfoxnewscomworldisis-has-officially-crumbled-and-last-stronghold-liberated-fox-news-has-learned httpswwwaljazeeracomnewsmiddleeast201903smell-death-sdf-attacks-isil-pocket-190321160510019html httpswwwnytimescominteractive20171022worldmiddleeastisis-the-islamic-state-from-insurgency-to-rogue-state-and-backhtml Meme

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