define women AIl News Images Videos Maps Shopping My saves Microsoft Sign in to see results from Microsoft > 291000000 Results Any time wom en wimin DEFINITION Relate biblical m what does definition biblical de plural form of woman woman in female de biblical de god's def wom an NOUN women plural noun an adult human female synonyms lady girl member of the fairgentle sex female matron dowager lass lassie colleen yorga chick girly filly biddy bird bint popsy besom wifie dame broad gal jane sister sheila Judy frail the female of the species bitch maid maiden damsel demoiselle wench gentlewoman petticoat a female person associated with a particular place activity or occupation a young American woman female adults in general woman is intuitive a peremptory form of address to a woman don't be daft woman! a female worker or employee a female paid to clean someone's house and carry out general domestic duties synonyms cleaning woman cleaner domestic help domestic maid charwoman char daily Mrs Mop a wife girlfriend or love he wondered whether Billy had his woman with him synonyms girlfriend girl sweetheart partner significant other inamorata fiancée wife spouse helpmate helnmeet consort lover mistress paramour querida hird Meme

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