Delicious corn bread as far as the eye can see šŸ‘€ well not really but we did make at least 75 of these babies Now time to make some chilli and rice to go with šŸ‘Œ for today's mobile lunch @ahimsa_project_sf šŸ’š If you're joining us to give a little love through a hot meal to our homeless community we'll see you there Can't thank these two beautiful souls for being so awesome real compassionate badasses for being part of @ahimsa_project_sf with me I love them to pieces šŸ’• @plant_minded_mama @occupy_your_mind šŸ’• and to all our volunteers thank you so much šŸ™šŸ» ahimsa ahimsaprojectsf kindness oneness givingback unity humanity compassion bethechange helpingothers helpingothers helpinghand love onelove foodforthought vegans vegansofinstagram vegansofig oakland sanfrancisco bayarea berkeley feed the homeless spreadlove positivevibes inspire bekind kindnessmatters Meme

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