Democrats I DEMAND that Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn be arrested for treason and charged with violating the Logan Act for secretly communicating with Russian officials to undermine American foreign policy SHARE IF YOU AGREE! You know what to do! It's not enough that he just resigned he needs to be arrested and tried for treason An investigation is also in order as to what Trump knew when he knew it and why he chose to IGNORE the Department of Justice's warning that Flynn was being actively blackmailed by Putin's Russia Something smells fishy! According to the Washington Post From that call and subsequent intercepts FBI agents wrote a secret report summarizing ­Flynn’s discussions with Kislyak Yates then the deputy attorney general considered Flynn’s comments in the intercepted call to be “highly significant” and “potentially illegal” according to an official familiar with her thinking Yates and other intelligence officials suspected that Flynn could be in violation of an obscure US statute known as the Logan Act which bars US citizens from interfering in diplomatic disputes with another country According to the New York Times The Justice Department had warned the White House that Mr Flynn had misled senior Trump administration officials about whether he had discussed American sanctions against Vladimir V Putin’s regime during a secret phone call with Russia’s ambassador to the United States weeks before the inauguration and that he could be open to blackmail by Russia said a former senior official Read more here http-wapost-2lJm1Cs and here http-nytims-2kqyI3S Meme

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