Dems Amnesty for DREAMers! Dems Amnesty for DREAMers! Dems Amnesty for DREAMers! Dems Amnesty for DREAMers! Trump Okay let's make a deal! Dems Uhm uh nevermind! Screw the NRA! Dems don't care about Dreamers They care about opposing Trump DACA 22618 1205 PM They don't care about solutions They don't care about Americans They don't care about immigrants or dreamers They care about votes Liberals will say anything to get a vote but will never actually work towards what they claim to support Trump with DACA is not completely bad We have to meet in the middle with liberals We cant be like them and whine when we dont get our way 100% Compromise is the only way So if you jump off the Trump train because he's doing what he has to then so be it But I'm sure we'll be seeing you again TheRaisedRightcom _________________________________________ Raised Right 5753 Hwy 85 North 2486 Crestview Fl 32536 _________________________________________ Conservative America SupportOurTroops American Gun Constitution Politics TrumpTrain President Jobs Capitalism Military MikePence TeaParty Republican Mattis TrumpPence Guns AmericaFirst USA Political DonaldTrump Freedom Liberty Veteran Patriot Prolife Government PresidentTrump Partners @conservative_panda @reasonoveremotion @conservativeamerican @too_savage_for_democrats @raging_patriots @keepamericausa -------------------- Meme

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