Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Servioe US Individual Income Tax Return 2018 Postcare IRS Use Only-Do not write or staple in this space For the yoor Jan 1-Dec 31 2018 or other tax year beginning 2018 ending See separate instructions if a joint return spouse's first name and initial Home address number and streel If you have a PO box see instructions ㆆty town orposto icestate andZIPcode Tyou avea foreignaddrees also empetespacesbelowsee instructors Foreign country name Your social security number Spouse's social security number tnMake sure the SSNs Last name above are correct Russian hackers may have already stolen your SSNs Foreign postai code Checking the box below will not change that □Yes □No Foreign provincestatecounty Filing Status 1Democrat 4 Married filing jointly as 2 Republican 3 Mar-a-Lago Club Member 5 Married filing separately □ Democrats □ Republicans □ Mar-a-Lago Club Members Check only one box Cheek here f you want s3 f your return to go directiy to President Trump and his spouse Cheok here f you want $3 of yor returm to go directly to Jared Kushner and lvanka Donald Jr Check here if you want $300 of your return to go to a room reservation at a Trump International Hotel TRUM P HOTEL Erie If requesting a tee time see nstructions & □Washington DC □ New York □ Las Vegas COLLECTION Other Barron continue on other side ©MATION caglecartoonscom It will anyway Meme

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