Facepalm, White People, and Yo: Departures
 estination Flight Share Dep G
 1000am H
 AS 23
 AA 1239 BA 5719 10:25am H
 hanghai Pudong AA 289 HU 8911 11.15am
 oux City, IA
 oux Falls
 ringfield, MO AA 3731
 eamboat Springs AA 3630
 AA 3404
 10:20am G
 AA 3495 AS 4507 100Sam G2
 10:00am G1
 AA 3366 AS 4374 10:19am G
 9:50am G
 AA 3665 JL 7432 11-50am G
 yo Narita
 yo Narita
 AA 1510 AS 6803 8:55am H
 UL9 AA 8404 11:55am
 AA 153 JL 7009 1:10pm K1
 'Tie them down to a tree': South
 African president urges white
 youth not to emigrate
 APRIL 10, 2019 2 MIN READ
 In a plea to stop young white people from
 continuing their exodus from the country,
 South Africa's Cyril Ramaphosa posed a
 rather curious solution on the campaign
 trail - tying them to trees and begging
 them not to emigrate.
Just tie them to trees, that'll work!

Just tie them to trees, that'll work!