did something similar but with a different song It was halloween and there would be a party at school so me and some of my friends decided to go dressed as templars So one of my friends gave us this idea We would go to school and stop at the other side of the street facing the gate then he would play The Last Stand in his portable sound box In the start of the song there are some bells ringingbefore the actual song starts We would wait for the bells to stop standing at the other side of the street Once the song started blasting through his sound box we would unsheathe our swords a scottish claymore in my case which I carried resting on my shoulder and do kind of a slow mo badass walk towards the school cross the gates and go inside the school building We did that and for our surprise there were a few other students dressed as templars and other kinds of knights so when we entered the gates they joined formation behind us and we went straight inside the school I was leading the group That was the most epic moment of my life Zobrazit menei I hope he meant a real scottish claymore because that would surely be ok with the school Meme

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