DID YOU KNO? STAND UP 911 G STANDUP9 5 days before the twin towers fell there were 6 times the amount of put options sellers of American Airlines and United Airlines stocks This indicates at the very least that there was criminal foreknowledge of the attacks Isn’t it really fishy when you start connecting the dots with 9-11-01 How many “ coincidences” occurred leading up to that day From hundreds of people not showing up to work or how Larry Silverstein doubled up on his insurance policy 6 weeks prior and let’s not forget when he stated to “pull it” on national TV moments before WTC7 collapsed originally stated from a office fire There are even more coincidences such as training drills taking place that day Israel secret services video taping 9-11 from Hoboken NJ George Bush’s family being directly connected to the political - drug regimens in Afghanistan or the $23 Trillion dollars reported missing on 9-10 by Donald Rumsfeld and they said all the documentation of that money was destroyed where the “plane” hit the pentagon - standup911 bethechange september11 Meme

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