did you know? did-you-knotumblrco There is a boarding school where all classes are 100% optional If a child wants they can just play all day every day eULE ID did-you-knotumblrcom allthe-lights-inthe-sky viridian-genesis bluhbluhhugedork wristsareforbracelets fight-the-world diagondaley SUMMERHILL SCHOOL!!! ENGLAND!!!! My teacher told me about this in high school As humans we have a natural thirst for knowledge While naturally kids did their own thing for the first few weeks they eventually started going to class It teaches them to want to go to class You’re not forced to learn and because of that you want to learn THAT’S BRILLIANT It sounds stupid but it’s almost like reverse psychology Kids hate people forcing them to go to school But as soon as that is lifted they suddenly want to And it’s not surprising People like learning people hate being forced to learn Meme

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