did you know? In 1861 a slave named Robert Smalls stole a confederate ship and delivered it to the Union He was given command of a Union ship became a major general bought the house he was a slave in let the wife of his former 'owner' live in the house when she developed dementia learned to read and write won an election against a white man and served 5 years in Congress PHOTO WIKIPEDIACBN DIDYOUKNOWBLOGCOM dynastylnoire dianexa bestnatesmithever itsgonnabeathing did-you-kno He also helped convince Abraham Lincoln to let African Americans fight for their own freedom Source I wonder why we’ve never heard of him… Hollywood gonna make a movie of this starring Tom Cruise There’s actually a great podcast about him on “stuff you missed in history class” The history channel talked a him briefly in series about making America It was good shit Meme

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