did you know? In 1990 a Michigan police department staged a fake wedding in an attempt to eradicate the major drug problems in the area Two undercover officers acted as the bride and groom many local drug dealers were invited and the cops busted them all together at the reception PHOTO FLINT JOURNALLANDOV DIDYOUKNOWBLOGCOM itsthatonepunnyguy mia7437 krakenpocalypse kablob17 notallbees rainbowbarnacle star-anise did-you-kno As an inside joke the officers decided to have the cake decorated in police-blue ribbons and sugared bees for a “sting” The band led by a city police officer announced themselves as a weed-loving group named SPOC which stood for ‘Somebody Protect Our Crops’ In actuality it was just COPS spelled backwards They played the song ‘I Fought The Law and the Law Won’ as a signal to begin the bust “Let’s have some fun” an officer shouted “Everybody here that’s a cop stand up! Okay! All the rest of you motherfuckers put your hands on the table because you’re under arrest! This is a bust!” I found a video of The Wedding Sting but there’s no audio Source IMAGINE YOUR OTP WOOOW Puts every single fake married AU to shame this is some red wedding shit right here All these clues and the drug dealers still couldn’t figure out it was a bust? Wow what sort of brooklyn nine fuckin nine Absolutely incredible Meme

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