Did you know? JURORS CAN SAY NOT GUILTY WHEN PEOPLE BREAK UNJUST LAWS If it shouldn't be a crime they shouldn't do the time Share this to save good people from bad laws POWER TO THE JURY org trials-of-socrates errors-dot-albi thatscienceteacher theveganarchist stfuconservatives lesserjoke antigovernmentextremist gerrycanavan Jury nullification Pass it on Jury nullification is so fucking important This is something that more people should be aware of if only because in many states at least defense attorneys are actually prohibited from mentioning it to jurors The law allows a jury to return a “not guilty” verdict contrary to the facts of the case but not for the defense to inform them of that power or to argue for its application in the current trial I didn’t know about this Wow always reblog This is SUPER IMPORTANT and also a good reason to show up for jury duty You know all those laws you think are stupid? This is your chance to maybe do something about it I… I thought this was common knowledge… signal boosting this because it obviously isn’t! Did not know this Meme

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