DID YOU KNOW MOVIES FACT #356 Steven Spielberg wrote ET while filming I Raiders of the Lost Ark He dictated the script to Harrison Ford's girlfriend screenwriter Melissa Mathison What is your favourite movie from when you were a kid? 🎥 EDIT I worded the fact a little poorly Spielberg came up with the STORY but Melissa Mathison WROTE ET The script was largely written while on location filming for Raiders of the Lost Ark 1981 during filming breaks Steven Spielberg dictated the story to screenwriter Melissa Mathison who was there with her then-boyfriend and future husband Harrison Ford • • • • Double Tap and Tag someone who needs to know this 👇 All credit to the respective film and producers movie movies film tv camera cinema fact didyouknow moviefacts cinematography screenplay director actor actress act acting movienight cinemas watchingmovies hollywood bollywood didyouknowmovies Meme

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