Did you know that after military dogs retire they can be adopted into regular WOWEE! A new BIG BRODER?! My name's Pixie! What?s your name? civilian families? WOWEE! What a PRETTY NAME We're gonna be bestest friends! Brutus Pixie this is your new BIG BROTHER! He's gonna live with us now! ก e PMA @pet foolery @pet foolery @pet foolery epet foolery Hey Brutus! You wanna see my spooky halloween costume? LAHLALALALALALALALA!!! You're very small and weak If anythin'bigger than a squirrel wanted to hurt you you wouldn't stand much of a chance guess I have to protect you Alright before I show ya just remember it's only a costume it's NOT real Ok? That's over a month away I love you too! Ok! I'll go put it on! epet foolery @pet foolery Ya know I could teach you how to be scary if you want! Did I scare ya?! DID I? DID I? DID I? yes I'd appreciate that @pet foolery @pet foolery @pet foolery @pet foolery Credit to to @pet_foolery for making the most terrifying comic Meme

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