DID YOU KNOW? THE SACKLER FAMILY HAS BUILT A S14 BILLION FORTUNE SELLING OXYCONTIN A DRUG THAT KILLS MORE PEOPLE THAN HEROIN AND COCAINE COMBINED THEY LITERALLY KILL MIRE PEOPLE THAN DRUG CARTELS AND THEIR DRUG IS FDA APPROVED πŸ€” - Yesterday the payment processor for our CBD oil company was shut down AGAIN This is the fifth payment processor we have used We receive emails everyday from people telling us that their lives have been saved and not a single person has EVER died or been harmed by CBD oil And yet these massive pharmaceutical companies that are responsible for poisoning the environment and killing millions of people are given free reign to poison the masses There is no money in the cure! So the pharma giants distribute pills that keep people barely alive and coming back for more People's health is more important then profit Money isn't worth much where we are going make sure your soul can't be bought Meme

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