DIE F 30 CF 10 C 30 IR Steam + CRAPP 30 H Steam Steam Steam Steam Steam Ste X eInstall Valve Corp US httpssteamcommunitycomworkshopfiledetailsdiscussion6395395532217311444336165908 R domeWhole mag Date Posted 17 Jul 2017 @ 307am Colt 1911 sCoped Posts 1 This gun should be doing the same damage as the normal M9K pistol colt 1911 Start a New Discussion FNP45 CAL Advanced wwwving shameeight rounds and can't do enough damage still Glock 18W drummag Discussions Rules and Guidelines It is good but why less damage? Shouldn't it be less accuratemore recoil? USP TACTICAL SILENCED Why does it not do as much damage as the M9K usp while not silenced? Also to silence it is E+ Right click Took me a while to find out vvv sake it has a diffrient magazine than the vanilla one MR96 This vis supposed to ving end lives and end wives with one damn bllet Nope just a bit of damage on a headshot Are you nuts? Accuracy is okay The VP-40 and RUGER MK3 are alright Please take this as constructive critisism and also suggestions I wasn't mad while making this Just humorous with the cussing Last edited by kenkade4 17 Jul 2017 @ 308am Showing 1-1 of 1 comments FieryBattleHawk 28 Nov 2017 @ 956am I've also noticed that with the VP-90 and the Glock Drum-mag that the burst modes don't even take multinle bullets out of the mag making them mini-shotauns that can be spam-clicked at the firerate 909 PM A! ENG A 11062019 Diffrient? Meme

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