Dimitrios Litsoudis 4 mins Didn't think i would be the one having to reveal this but the Japanese voice actor for Bulma has died The news report is in Japanese obviously but here is a translation of the main points i foresee a big break in the series at the end of this arc because of this sad news httpwwwytvcojppresssocietyTI20261708 html ooo Verizon 401 PM Notes On around 730 PM on November 16th Hiromi Tsuru was found unconscious in her car on the metropolitan expressway in Chuuouku Tokyo and was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead She was found with her seatbelt fastened and there was no sign of an accident The Metropolitan Police Department are investigating the cause of death and say it may have been due to illness Rest in peace Hiromi Tsuru the voice of Bulma Briefs in DB Z GT Kai and Super She was 57 I have a feeling Super will be a little delayed after her sudden death Thanks to the fan for sharing this Links to confirm httpwwwytvcojppresssocietyTI20261708html httpsenwikipediaorgwikiHiromi_Tsuru Meme

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