DISCORD X USER SETTINGS APPEARANCE My Account ESC Look at me I'm a beautiful butterfly Privacy & Safety Authorized Apps Geno Today at 413 PM Connections Fluttering in the sunlight Billing Geno Today at 413 PM Discord Nitro HypeSquad THEME Light APP SETTINGS Voice & Video Dark Overlay Notifications MESSAGE DISPLAY Keybinds Cozy Modern beautiful and easy on your eyes Game Activity Activity Feed Compact Fit more messages on screen at one time #IRC Game Library Text & Images CHAT FONT SCALING Appearance 12px 14px 15px 16рх 18px 20px 24px Аa Aa Streamer Mode Language ZOOM LEVEL 50 67 75 80 90 100 110 125 150 175 200 Windows Settings You can change the zoom level with ctrl +- and reset to the default zoom with ctrl+0 Change Log Log Out ADVANCED Developer Mode Developer Mode exposes context menu items helpful for people writing bots using the Discord API Hardware Acceleration Turns on Hardware Acceleration which uses your GPU to make Discord smoother Turn this off if you are Thanks I Hate Discord Light Meme

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