disgruntiedturte Why do witches like always wanna fatten kids up before they eat them?? fat is like the grossest part of meat equalistmako Why hello there little children- Please follow me to my magical FITNESS ROOM NO PA N S I E S ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT LEAVE YOUR WHINING AT THE DOOR BECAUSE IT'S LEG DAY AND WE RE ABOUT TO GET R-R-R-RIPPE D seasonoftowers Because they're always cooking said kids in cauldrons and ovens - aka long cooking times at lowish heat If you do that to fatty meat the fat melts completely and the meat gets tear-it-apart-with-a-fork soft If you do it to lean meat you get tiny little sad meat bits that bring no joy to anyone thatickything well you did ask defilerwyrm Also there's wisdom in fattening them up on sweets and other carbs A meatless carb-rich diet makes for more tender and flavourful meat mrtacomam you are arguing over the semantics of EATING CHILDREN Low and slow is the way to go! Meme

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