Divine Creatures 1-in7 woman now are diagnosed with breast cancer In 2016 that 1 was me I was 36years old Please help support me turning Divine Creatures PINK on Thursday 6th June 2019 **Please sponsor us turning Divine Creatures Pink and donate today to help find a cure** Read my story below My Cancer Journey I never thought it could happen to me­­­ Not independent Jules with a strong front Not the girl who already had a pretty tough life This was now my time to have a bit of me and enjoyment out of this crazy thing called life I was very happily married I had a successful business owned a house and after 4 years of trying we finally had a magnificent baby girl Living the Australian dream which I fought so hard to achieve To be a strong stable Mum with a normal peaceful life & a happy family home My milk dried up when Skyler was 6months old Doctors felt a lump in my breast twice and explained that it was very normal to have lumpy boobs He prescribed me medication to make more milk It was around this time that my husband broke both his legs which mentally quiet affected him as he was an extremely active tradesman 3 months later on the 6th June 2016 while my husband was at physio for his ankles I was in the middle of cooking dinner when I got the call from my doctor Jules the results have come back from your core biopsy Its not good Jules You have cancer Can you come in I will stay back for you how soon can you get here I looked down at my 8 month old daughter happily playing on the floor My world just crashed down around me like a vicious storm No way Not now? I can’t get cancer now? What the hell?? I was a qualified veterinary nurse of 20years but still didn’t understand what it meant to have cancer I knew I was going to fight and survive but in that moment I died I saw my daughter coming to my funeral and I died inside I called my husband get home now please That was day 1 I was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 ER+ ductal carcinoma Every single day for the next 3 weeks I had doctors’ appointments check ups tests clinical trial appointments discussions procedures As reality set in I felt like I had a total grip on it I was in control and felt this was a small bump in my long life I had my boxing gloves on and I was going to fight like hell That vision of my daughter at my funeral was not going to happen anytime soon I have too much to do… I have to raise my daughter I want to see her blowing out the cancels at her 18th birthday I have to get my life purpose that I had been planning and perfecting for my whole life done My treatment regime so far 6 rounds of chemo hospitalized 8 times had a bilateral mastectomy all my lymph nodes removed 25rounds of radiation 2 year trail of daily chemotherapy called palbocyclib and 10years aromasin inhibitor medication as well as blood tests check ups tests biopsies ultrasounds MRI’s and supportive treatments like lymphedema specialists Its been 25years in remission and I am fitter than I ever were before I qualified as a yoga instructor I won a business award but most of all I am so blessed to be able to spend an incredible amount of quality time with my daughter Money from donations helped me incredibly through this journey Mummy’s wish helped me buy dinners for my family and I had a breast care nurse who made such a difference during those dark days Donations not only physically save lives it mentally does as well It can happen to anyone Cancer doesn’t decimate Know your body Feel your boobs Get checked Please donate and help find a cure today xx Meme

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