dney Ann Kliesing YOU'RE NOT AWAKE YOU'RE NOT ENLIGHTENED *YOU'RE NOT ONE OF THE FEW WHO KNOWS THE TRUTH YOU'RE NOT AN EXPERT AND DON'T HAVE EVIDENCE QUALIFIED TO OVERRULE THE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY AT LARGE YOURE NOT UNIQUELY ABLE TO KNOW WITHOUT SUFFICIENT AND QUALITY EVIDENCE WHAT IS TRUE AND NOT TRUE YOU JUST HAVE INTERNET ACCESS 8 mins Like Reply More udy Staggs Doster I believe that any parent who chooses NOT to vaccinate their child should have to keep that child at home out of the public school system and out of the public period What right do you have to spread any nasty germs your little precious may be carrying to my child that unfortunately autoimmune disease? My child doesn't have the ability to fight off disease so keep your little unvaccinated kid out of our space was born with an O 4 7 mins Like Reply More Whitney Gorma Sudy Staggs a heart kid myself shes 17 There are things her body cant fight off hank ya sister Have 2 15 mins Like Reply More Or maybe you should just keep your child with an autoimmune disorder at home Can't be a christian and vaccinate You know Considering they contain aborted fetal cells and pork 12 mins Antivaxxers sure are something Meme

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