Do you sce Do you know what this is? this? This is a cliff racer Its mission in Morrowind is to fuck shit up wherever it goes It does not remain passive It does about your level not care It says SKREGEEE motherfucker! It is a motherfucking cliff racer You cannot battle the cliff never alone It is always accompanied by other even more violent and aggressive cliff racers all of which are in turn accompanied by racer The cliff racer is even more When you see a cliff racer do you know what to do? You ready your fucking weapon because it sees YOU You run the fuck away and hope the cliff racer put you on its list of shit it wants to fuck up today doesn't You get the fuck away from it and wait for the cliff racer to finish its business and move on with its rampage and then you get the fuck back to Outlander Seyda Neen Cliff Racers Meme

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