Do you want to know something that people don't tell you about being married for a long time? You actually do run out of things to talk about I know you might think I am kidding but I am being a million percent truthsies over here As a child I always wondered what married people talked about and was assured by many a family member that there were always things to discuss This is a lie A big fat one It's really unfortunate that no one was truthful with me because here I am with nothing to say and completely unprepared on how to deal My husband and I go on a weekly date night and after I go into detail about my wild day working from home I ate a Lean Cuisine I answered three emails I found a dollar in the wash I have nothing The other day I started to tell my husband about this super interesting thing that had happened but then I was like oh never mind I'm saving that for our date tonight and he's like um WHAT? and I was like well when I've got something good I save it for date night so I have something to talk about It seems like such a waste to spend it on a regular day So then he thought that was one of the weirdest things he's ever heard about which I assumed maybe HE already did that too? But he was like No people do not do that It's like I don't know how to be a person the right way sometimes Every now and again my husband will ask did you bake anything today hon? and ifI made Créme Bruleé Brownies I say nope because I'm hiding them and don't want to share These fudgy little bites of bliss are covered in a thick vanilla custard that slices up like a dream A sprinkling of sugar and a run under the broiler gets that caramelized crackly top Basically these are perfect and you need them right now That is all benepla kramergate I love it when I click on a recipe link because it sounds yummy and instead of a recipe I get a several page dissertation on a food blogger’s boredom with her marriage and lies she was told in childhood this ending in a recipe literally changed my fucking life i thought i was being spread some fucking truisms abt the ugliness of marriage but it was literally a preamble to creme brulee brownies writing is fake Meme

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