Doesn't this look like a boy to U NORMAL Look at the bony chest and wow fake boobs on such a young child three head widths on the shoulders hmmm suspect at the least yup 1 2h Like Reply she is 15 and only 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 145 pounds so what anyway? why are you obsessed about this nothing story? forget about it and worry about something way more important WBCKFMCOM Missing Teen Who Was Last Seen in Kalamazoo Could Be in Danger Reply Like 1h 5 40 Comments NORMAL Like First of all who said that I'm Share Comment obsessed and second of all DON'T BE COMIN OVER HERE AND TELLING ME NORMAL Look at the bony chest and wow fake boobs on such a young child three head widt See More WTFFF TO DO OKAY THX LAMIE!!! Like Reply 27m View 1 previous reply Write a reply NORMAL First of all who said that I'm Write a comment GIF ohsessed and second of all DO See More Like Reply 2h NORMAL NORMAL Did you know that thousands of children have died from hormone Most of the people have absolutely no knowledge of what they're all about they need to educate ther therapy blockers alone already ooh it's terrible selves about the Kabalists ancient 3 Babylon mysteries and mysticism laws and doctrine they need to research and study into the Noahide Laws Freemasonry and the Hermetic Universal Laws Gnosticism aka Satanism and Luciferiansism they need 1 Like 2h Reply NORMAL s a fundamental satanic rite to invert their genders and the masses are being brainwashed into the satanistic to research into Madam Helena programme without knowing because knowledge is power that the elites the powers that be are all high-level generational satanists born into the cult Blavatsky and Manly P Hall satanic rules rites and rituals and dogma SEE what most uneducated people who have been kept in the dark by either their own ignorance and or just not seeking the knowledge that's always been out there to find and LEARN and it's a fundamental satanic rite to invert their sexes!!! Folks don't understand this ya know they're thinking that it's cool and or they're satanists freaks too oh it's a myriad of reasons as to why the elites do it versus telling the truth about it to the populace at large!! SOMETHING ABOUT IT that these Divine androgynes as the Noahide laws refers to them as such are the third gender and or the middle race according to Madam Helena Blavatsky satanic occult rituals and dogma okay so go research history and into all of Reply Like 2h Thinking a missing child is part of a transgender agenda? Or something classic boomer conspiracy Dudes Facebook is full of stuff like this Meme

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