dombinic why do they always show cranberries in thos big pits n its implied its wet and possibly swimmable do cranberries really grow like that wh thetaobella You've never heard of The Bog? heartachedreamboy th the what heartachedreamboy #i forget some people dont understand massachusetts EACH ADDITION TO THIS POST MAKES MY BLOOD RUN COLD punkrorschach This is a cranberry bog unflooded it's how cranberries grow Once they're ripe the blog is flooded and the cranberries harvested Basically by using big floaty things to round them all up and then scooping them out of the water heartachedreamboy thank u i hate it a little less but the horrible little man in my head is still screaming BOG BODY BOG BODY BOG BODY but i appreciate the education bomberqueen17 oh here is a fun lil perspective on cranberry harvesting i never heard about anywhere else the guy who owns the restaurant right down the road from the farm who fries our chickens sometimes is from Boston with the strongest Boston accent ever and in a former life before he started slinging reasonably priced barbeque and occasional organic chicken he was a cranberry farmer His farm was on the leading edge of kinda using organicsustainable pest control methods and one of the things that they did to keep insect damage down was that they encouraged wolf spiders to live in the cranberry field to eat the bugs This was all fine and good until they flooded the bog Now you don't just like flood the bog and then go around it in a boat or whatever No you use hip waders to get in there and put the big floaty things where they go and get all the berries and such Well when you're in the bog in hip waders that makes you the tallest thing Wolf spiders can swim a bit but they don't like it so they're quite understandably looking to climb out of the water onto a tall thing So yeah the first interview question he always asked potential cranberry bog harvester hires was are you cool with spiders? You'd be amazed he said to us shaking his head a little how many guys would just straight lie Like you think I'm asking you that question to be cute? Nah man you're gonna have like a hundred wolf spiders trying to climb your eyebrows you gotta be chill those wolf spiders are fellow employees You really gotta be chill with spiders if you're gonna work a cranberry harvest 129044 notes The Berry Bog Meme

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